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Why is it so difficult to start blogging?

For quite a while now, we have had the possibility to actually work with blogging at EPiServer AB. The technique is there, the air time could be there if I just let myself. But why is it then so difficult to start blogging?

I am working every day with creating content on our Web sites, creating texts for brochures, White Papers, you name it. But why is it so difficult to start blogging? This question has really been bugging me for a while.

I think I have the answer, at least from my own perspective.

As a “professional” content producer, with my built in thinking of structure, quality, spelling, grammar, what should go first etc etc, it gives me quite a high wall to climb. I need to change my way of thinking, and see the blog as the fast and creative information channel that it really is. Sometimes fast, short information is really the king! Not the grammar, spelling and structure. (Can’t believe I just said that…)

Now I really have the opportunity to share content my way. Not the standard, structured way.

So – here I go. In my blog I am going to, at least I think I am going to, focus on editorial issues and EPiServer CMS. So I guess I will be a bit of a cat among the pigeons in this team blog.

Content is king!

P.S. (Do you really use P.S. in a blog? Well I do…)

Would it not be cool if a couple of the 50.000 Editors that are out there in the real world, working with EPiServer on a daily basis, would like to blog on our TeamBlog? To share their EPiServer problems or happy moments, tips and tricks or whatever it might be. We would together build a very big knowledge base and source of inspiration for other Editors.

Dear co-Editors in the real world, send me an e-mail or post a comment on this article, if you would like us to set up a blog for you! And remember; it does not have to be perfect!

Feb 28, 2008

( 9/21/2010 10:32:12 AM)

Hopefully others will join you and start a blog on the new site.
/ Anonym

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