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Social bookmarking as Dynamic Content

Many of you have probably built sites with social bookmarking icons or similar (“Share on facebook” etc.). Just for fun I decided to create an easily extendable implementation for this, and to do it as Dynamic Content to enable editors to place whatever social bookmarking icons whereever they like.


Here is a screen dump of an example page using my QuickLink Dynamic Content:


The broken images seem to be broken because they are all gathered from their respective sites, and my browser seems to be handling this great amount of connections/lookups badly. I advice you to cache the images locally in your site (their location are set in a config file).

In edit mode the editor simply selects what implementations to include, so by adding the QuickLink dynamic content several times to a page with different icons enabled the layout can be controlled a bit more. What type of html element the icons are rendered in is also configurable (standard is ul/li).



All the icons in the first portion of the image above are generated by a special implementation of the IQuickLink/IQuickLinkFactory interfaces that is purely configuration driven. To add another bookmarking service, provided it follows the same pattern (a posting url with the page url and title in the query string) you merely have to add a new section in the QuickLink.config file.

The more advanced implementation last in the example is included mostly for demonstration how to implement the interfaces, the default configuration driven setup is probably enough for many purposes.


Both compiled dlls and source are available here. N.B. the QuickLink dynamic content uses the DynamicContentBase also available from the same location.

Feb 06, 2009

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