Published on:Oct 19, 2016
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Planned Breaking Changes in Commerce 2016

As previously announced, new major versions of CMS and CMS UI are coming. Compatible versions of Commerce, Find for Commerce and Service Api will be available from day one. In order to create a compatible version of Commerce, we have to do a small number of low-impact breaking changes in Commerce, which means Commerce too will have a new major version.

The breaking change consists of removing some types that support the Commerce UI (not intended to be used directly) from the EPiServer.Commerce.Core package. The removed types are:

  • EPiServer.Business.Commerce.Providers.ProductSearchProviderBase
  • EPiServer.Business.Commerce.Providers.ProtectedProductSearchProvider
  • EPiServer.Business.Commerce.Providers.ProductSearchProvider
  • EPiServer.Commerce.Catalog.CatalogMetadataExtender
  • EPiServer.Commerce.Marketing.PromotionDataMetadataExtender
  • EPiServer.Commerce.SpecializedProperties.DictionarySelectionFactory
Oct 19, 2016

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