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Maria Sognefors
Aug 17, 2010
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Irritated at Page Files in EPiServer CMS?

Do you as so many others going mad because you always get asked if you are going to create a new folder when you open the file manager in EPiServer CMS? You should know that you are not alone, but it's actually very easy to change.


This Blog post is translated with Google Translate. If you understand Swedish, please read the post here.


skapa-katalog First some facts about the file manager and shell-side with the directory, Global Files, and Documents. There are folders that you probably recognize even in your solution. The set is made with these default directories in the file manager is designed to show examples that you can work with different folders in EPiServer CMS. You should see them as a great example, and absolutely no need to use. The idea is that you should adapt this for each installation so you may as efficiently as possible working with files on the site.

How should you choose to work?

Page Files - This is a folder that is linked to a specific page. The advantage of this is that the management of hand even when their penetration of the folder. As if you eg put rights on the page, then the same rights that apply to the folder. If you delete a page, you can simply delete the folder belonging to the side. The disadvantage of working with the page directory is that you store the files which are only available for that page. For example, to have the same image at 10 pages, you need to upload and store the image 10 times. In general, it is quite rare that the benefits of this outweigh the disadvantages, but they are. It is common to combine this with a different folder structure.

Documents - is an example of a public folder structure where EPiServer version of the files is enabled. This means that an editor can handle multiple versions of the same document / file in File Manager. Through integration with MS Office, you can edit documents directly from the file manager and save it as a new version. This kind of folder is also common to store documents in if you are using EPiServer templates for Work Rooms.

vpp-native Global Files - was originally an example of a public folder structure where versioning was not activated. I saw that it was changed in my recent installation of CMS 6th Maybe it was a mistake or that the purpose is to show some examples that I did not know about. The benefits of not have versioning enabled, the folder structure is reflected exactly the same on the server. This means that I can create folders and move up and move files in Windows and it is reflected then in EPiServer file manager. Very useful in building a website or move from an old to new. One can not Windows keep moving around images that are linked to pages for which links are broken. Are you doing it in EPiServer file manager updated the pages that the files are on automatic.

The management of the various folders in the file is episerver.config (CMS 6) or web.config (CMS 5). Maybe not a file that anyone should be wasting in but I want this just to show how with a little cutting and pasting may not have to ask if I want to create a folder every time I open the file manager. The file is a part for the Virtual Path Provider. Where are all the folders that are handled by the system, regardless of whether they are visible to editors or not. Below is an extract from the file episerver.config.


The different folders are loaded in the order they are listed in this file and the editor is thus automatically in the folder that is listed first. If you then do not want you to always end up in the page's directory (the one with Virtual Name = "Page Files") and will ask if you should create a folder, you should simply ensure that the folder is not located at the top of the list of all available folders. A small easily select, CTRL + X and Ctrl + W removes a huge distractions.
My file looks like below instead and editors will get to the folder Images every time they open the file manager instead. Because I have also renamed Global Files to Images and aims to which store images without versioning. In the Documents folder should I put on my site frequently updated documents.



Be careful not to rename and change settings on the folders that you have had for a long time without having full control of what you do. Changes you the wrong way, all links to images and files to be broken.

Do you trust this?

Since I do not really have as good an eye on technology but just a little hobby is interested in what goes on behind the shell of course I can not swear if it is technically legal to do so here, but it solves my problem. I have only tested it all on the latest version of CMS 6, but I would guess that it works the same in the 5th and probably the later versions of the number 4. Read more about Virtual Path Provider,

Aug 17, 2010


Sep 21, 2010 10:33 AM

Nice article.

And yes, changing the order of the virtual path providers in the config files is technically legal.

Petter Klang
Petter Klang Sep 21, 2010 10:33 AM

Think it was implemented in CMS 5 though. Can't remember what version. SP1? SP2?

Sep 21, 2010 10:33 AM

Really nice post - I've had a few editors asking if there was any kind of editor community for EPiServer. Seeing a editor focussed post makes a refreshing change and is most welcome :)

The small tip about changing the order of the VPP entries to stop the Create New PageFile Folder dialog is great (something I never would have thought about doing) Its definitely something I'll use often. Thank you.

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