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Logica Campaign Designer 1.0 Released!

A new version of the custom property Logica Campaign Designer has now been released and contains the following changes:

  • Added a list of the items in the campaign area, by dragging and dropping the items in the list you can change the z-index order of the items.
  • Added two new input fields which lets the editor set the x and y position of an item by typing the numbers.
  • Splitted up the javascript code in seperate js files to make it easier to maintain.
  • Removed the button “Edit item styles” as it’s no longer needed with the new item list and input fields for x and y position.

I also uploaded a video of me demonstrating the property to youtube that you can watch here:


The property can be downloaded from the EPiServer nuget feed or from it’s codeplex site.

Feedback is always welcome!


Dec 06, 2011

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