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Installing EPiServer Commerce

I have heard many rumors and complaints about how hard it is to install EPiServer Commerce.

Here it comes……

“I am very sorry and apologize on behalf of EPiServer for the time wasted and inconvenience that this has caused”

The EPiServer Commerce installer (or more accurately, the deployer) is very very sensitive and must be handled carefully.

There is actually a document on EPiServer World here, which if followed carefully, should result in the successful deployment of EPiServer Commerce on a CMS site. I have also blogged about the installer here to clarify a few things.

The next version of EPiServer Commerce will come with a much better, more stable, deployment system. We are hoping to ship this in Q1 2011 along with CMS 6 R2 and Community 4 R2. There may be a beta version available before the year end.

Also much improved in EPiServer Commerce 1 R2 is the Commerce sample project. The current version unfortunately has a few rough edges with duplicate files and un-used code amongst other things.

So in the meantime, please bear with us and look forward to EPiServer Commerce 1 R2.

Oct 29, 2010

( 10/29/2010 7:12:30 PM)

For the record, SP1 installs much more cleaner than the original. I have not have any problems though there are some extra steps which I know will be streamlined in the future. :) Looking forward to an even more improved installer in the next release!

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