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Databinding in 3.5

MIX08 seminar "Bring your data to life with WPF".

Anson Tsao from Microsoft talk about how to databind in Windows Presentation foundation and what's new in 3.5 as well as a changing user interface during and after development and how to adapt to that.

First of, what is databinding?

  • Target: Dependent Property
  • Source: any public property (CLR and WPF properties)

In WPF you can now databind to other properties, e.g. opacity, rotation etc. The demo was pretty basic and already well known to all that has already used WPF. Anyhow, I found it useful and it showed you can do simple neat things with databinding and some layout skills (..) to your web app. You can watch it online at

Summarized up, what's new in 3.5

  • New debugging Mechanism
  • Support for IdataErrorInfo
  • Alternative syntax for Datavalidation
  • and Linq support

Happy Binding,


Mar 08, 2008

( 9/21/2010 10:32:16 AM)

how to use data gridview in asp.net3.5??????
/ ashish

( 9/21/2010 10:32:16 AM)

In your code:

Because the View is responsible to render the model, we will do the data binding in the code-behind of the View.

public partial class Products : ViewPage>


public void Page_Load()


productList.DataSource = ViewData;




You do not include a declaration of the productList ListView. Normally this would be handled via a designer partial class that is generated with the ViewPage, but my desinger does not produce this partial class.

Is there something I am missing here? I am producing a compile time error using the technique you are showing.

/ sheshdhar, HCL Infosystems

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