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MobilePack 1.0 installation trouble

Yesterday I was going to install the new 1.0 Mobilepack for a customer demo.

I didn’t start this with plenty of time before the meeting because I thought it would go like a breeze.

But to my big surprise the installation of the .episervermodule via deployment center failed with a cryptic error message about the bulk installation failed.

So I renamed the module to a zip file and extracted it to see if I could do a manual install.

I wasn’t to happy to see that it would mean manually fixing som xml changes in web and episerver.config.

Lucky for me I started with trying to import the EPiServer demo pages and page types.

When doing this I got an error about not having a VPP with the name “SiteGlobalFiles”

So I just tried to change the name attribute of one of the VPPs and voila the installation worked as expected.

I also noted that the demo content is created for the english language although my site had globalization turned off and all content set to Swedish.

I guess this will be fixed in the near future but maybe it can help someone.

Feb 16, 2012

( 2/17/2012 4:03:58 PM)

Thanks for the blog post, yes the sample site is built for an alloy or standard type of installation where all page types are allowed under the root/start page, a vpp for global (image gallery) and English as a language (en not en-us like in commerce). We could make an epimodule only for the page types and not import any pages if that is something that is needed from the community. We will probably not make a package for each language. If someone wants to contribute a language package they are welcome to do so on

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