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Tool for simplifying viewing of form data

I have always thought it to be a bit cumbersome to view and manage xform-data.

My big problem is finding the correct form page,form block or any form page/block for that matter, to be able to click the view data button.

To simplify the process I have made a small tool.

It displays a list of the authenticated users forms. If an unauthenticated user browses the page it redirects to the start page.

The tool is very ugly but I find it useful. It looks like this:

myforms overview

In the left you have a menu where your forms are displayed sorted by folders. Forms that doesn’t have a folder is placed under “No folder” headline.

First tab just displays the form so you can get a quick visual check if you have been sloppy with the form names.

Second tab displays the form data. You can drag and drop columns, if you want to compare them in a different order, search for values etc.

The third tab displays the built in form UI in an Iframe where you can export, delete etc.

You can get the source over at Bitbucket.

Feedback is always appreciated. I’m happy to accept pull-requests.

Mar 09, 2015

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