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Disable Find as search provider in edit mode

If you are using Find it's important to know that the default behaviour is that Find replaces EPiServer.Search as the default search provider. Maybe it's common knowledge but I for sure didn't know that and got a bit suprised that one of our customers reported that they couldn't search for images in edit mode.

Since the index count is limited we among other things don't index images.

I did a quick round of Google but didn't Find anything. But luckily the support was better than me and found Jouni Huttunens post that had the solution. In admin mode you have the possibility to manage the installed searchproviders. So just disable the Find ones and you are all set.

So all the credit to Jouni who found the solution but I thought this was to important information to be hidden in the forums so hence this post.

Mar 10, 2016

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