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Overview of content type syncronization status

Ok time for another overview plugin. This time it's a plugin that gives you an overview of wich content types (both pages and blocks) wich are not fully synchronized due to one or many changes done via admin mode.

It's very simple, just an html table with some information about the type and the possiblity to tick a checkbox if you wan't to reset it. There are three buttons wich is self explanatory. On a reset the appdomain is unloaded and a redirect to the plugin is done.  I guess that the save and reset only buttons are unnecessary but I was to lazy to remove them.

The background story for this plugin is that a collegaue of mine made changes to some models and the didn't get persisted. It was a bit odd since as far as I new no one had done any admin mode changes to this type. So I just tried to reset the offending type and voila the code changes took effect. 

As usual you can get the code over at my gist.

Image resetter1.jpg

Jun 07, 2016

( 6/17/2016 12:51:12 PM)

Cool, there is a similar view in this GutHub project but it is missing the buttons which was a nice touch.

( 6/17/2016 12:51:44 PM)

GutHub is a nice one :-)

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