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Finding your Versioned files on disk

When you add a file in EPiServer using the versioning provider you will find that the file is named to a Guid in Windows file system. So finding a particular file could be troublesome.

One way of getting the connection between file name and Guid that I find myself using a lot when troubleshooting is the use of these SPs.

select pkID from tblItem where Name like 'filename'

Then use that (those) pkID in this one:

exec RelationListFrom @FromId=N'pkID',@SchemaId=0

The Guid you receive is the name the file will have on disk. If you get more than one Guid then you have more than one version of the file.

If you wish to go the other way around. From filename on disk to pkID in tblItem. Run this:

exec RelationListTo @ToId=N'GuidOnFileName',@SchemaId=0


Thanks for Greger for giving me the first part and to Shahid for answering the same question over and over (I should be able to look it up myself from now on =) )

Apr 12, 2011

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Good work Petter and keep it up ;)

Atul Kumar
( By Atul Kumar, 1/12/2012 7:48:19 AM)

Thanks for this .. Nice!

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