Quan Mai
Dec 29, 2017
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Catalog content permission handling

One of the most frequently asked features for us, Commerce development team, is to support permission handling for catalog contents. Up until now, the permission handling in Commerce is "all or nothing", which means you either have full access to the Catalog UI, or you have no access at all. The fine tuned controls are missing. This is one of (very) few areas where Commerce is "inferior" to CMS. We have been aware of this request, but considered possible time and effort we need to put into completing this feature, it was in our backlog for quite a long time.

But wait no more. We have a gift for you for the new year, 2018.

I'm happy to say we did it. The first iteration of catalog content permission is now in Commerce 11.6.0, released this week - all thanks for the hard work our great colleagues and QAs to make it happen before new year. People say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I steal this video from my colleague Bien Nguyen (who actually worked on this feature), hoping it is worth ten thousand words:


However screencast.com does not support preview, so this is what it looks like

Basically what you have in CMS. Note that this is the first iteration, and we followed the MVP - Minimal Viable Product approach. There are certain things that were not supported in this release, such as setting specific entry permission handling is not possible right now - entries will inherit permission settings from their direct parents.

You're very welcome to use it, and give us feedbacks so we can make it even better in upcoming versions.

Dec 29, 2017


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