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Planned breaking changes for Commerce in 2019

When we are closing on the end of 2018, it's probably the best time to talk about what future - namely 2019 - has for us. What I can share at the moment is we started working on a new major version of Commerce - most likely, Commerce 13. Since we moved to the weekly releases process, major releases have no long contained new major features, because thoses should have been released in some minor releases as soon as our QA give it a GO. Instead, major releases are now reserved for breaking changes, so you know what you should expect when you upgrade.

So far, these breaking changes have been planned:

  • There will be a small breaking change in behavior with promotion engine to make it works better with rounding.
  • There will be a small breaking change with tax calculation interface to allow tax calculation in batches.

Also, old APIs and features built on old APIs that were marked Obsolete for more than 12 months since release will be removed, most notably:

  • The old promotion system. (Yay!). We wholeheartly recommend the (new) promotion system because it is superior in every way.
  • WarehouseInventory and its related APIs (finally). We recommend to use IInventoryService instead.
  • APIs that use ApplicationId (which were obsoleted in Commerce 11). Just use the overload without ApplicationId.
  • CartHelper! We recommend to use the abstraction APIs (IOrderRepository and other interfaces)
  • Node/Entry. We recommend to use content API (IContentLoader/IContentRepository/EntryContentBase ...) instead.
  • Commerce Gadgets will be removed.

While we are working hard to make all these things happen, the list is not final, and might change during the development phase. We will keep you posted.

Dec 19, 2018

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