Published on:Mar 22, 2018
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Old promotion system is (already) dead, long live the new promotion system

I'm going to be Captain Obvious today, and state the obvious facts :

  • Everyone likes promotions/discounts.
  • Everyone likes fast websites.
  • Editors like an unified, well-rounded UI with drag and drop capacity.
  • Developers like to automate task.
  • Developers like unified APIs.
  • Developers like the ability to write unit tests.
  • Developers want to get builtin functionalities in framework, so they don't have to write code (or even worse, work against the framework) themselves.

If all of those apply to you, then I have good news for you: by using the new promotion system, you can have them for, almost, free.

In Commerce 11, the old promotion system is marked obsolete, that'd mean we no longer provide any further developments to it: no performance improvement, no non-crucial bug fixes, no new features. It's just laying there waiting to be removed, in a foreseeable future.

Yet the future is already here. In 9.19 the new promotion system is out of BETA, which means it's stable and reliable enough to be used in production (facts: some customers already used it before that and got great results). But we didn't stop there. Over the time we have been constantly adding new features, new builtin promotion types, new refinement and improvements to the system, making it's even more pleasant and easy to use.

If you want something new, shiny, fast, easy to use by marketer/mechandiser, easy to develop and customize by developers, easy to write unit tests, easy to debug, then it's already here for you. I would go a bit further and say that, these days, if you start a new Commerce project, you should start with the latest version, and new promotion system is a must.

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What's about your existing site? Will it be a nightmare to move? Fortunately, no. I already write on how easy it is to move from the old promotion system to the new one, here, and as a matter of fact, you should stay up to date - and that is why the new promotion system is an inevitable (yet pleasant/necessary) transition. If you haven't already, you should start moving the the new promotion system, today.

It's a rather big investment, but you and your websites will be rewarded.

Mar 22, 2018

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