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Commerce no longer supports WebForms

If you need an extra push to move your WebForms websites to MVC or, even more "modern" SPA - then here it is: Commerce 12.0 is the last version tested with WebForms. We dropped testing Commerce on WebForms from 12.1 onward. By "Drop testing", I mean we no longer test new version of Commerce on our WebForms template (if you worked with Commerce 7.5, you probably know about Commerce Sample site. Well, that had been updated and used for WebForms testing, until now). QuickSilver will be used for our primary and only template for testing new features, bug fixes, as well regression for Commerce.

What does that mean for you?

  • For new projects, it's almost certain that you will start with MVC/SPA anyway.
  • For existing projects, it's likely you already migrated if you upgraded to Commerce 12+
  • For projects that not yet migrated (which should be a very very minority, if any), it will not suddenly stop working. It will most likely continue working as usual without any problems. However, we won't guarantee that, and if you runs into issues (which is very very unlikely), we will not fix those WebForms-specific bugs.

This is more of a "good to know" annoucement that has very little impact (if at all) on your daily work. So MVC (and/or SPA) are what you should be looking at now.

May I say "WebForms support is dead, long live MVC/SPA"? :)

May 14, 2018

( 5/18/2018 12:07:25 PM)

Finally - congratulations Commerce development team!

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