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New module, Epicode CrossPublish

Many RFI´s (Request For Information) and RFP´s (Request For Proposal) ask for the possibility to make one page available to multiple locations (eg. a local news article should be available in the central news article structure). Epicode CrossPublish lets you publish one page to multiple structures using the built in feature of "Fetch data from...". Even though this is possible to manually you can imagine the work needed in order to make one page available to multiple locations (Right click, create, select template, write a name, press “Shortcut/ external link”, select “Fetch data from”, navigate to the desired page, press Save and Publish (one down x to go…)


The module was created as a Proof of Concept for a customer meeting and has later been updated with a simple report on where a specific page has been published to. In the specific customer case they wanted to publish one central news article to 7 regional news containers. The catch is that they wanted it to be searchable and appear as it was a local news article. To complicate the picture even more, the access rights within the region could differ (meaning that not all in the region should be able to read the article). Epicode CrossPublish overrides the access rights set on the receiving structure based on what is set on the “master”.

In the good name of sharing and as a proof of what can happen if we share, Epicode CrossPublish utilize a module available on Epicode, Logica Page Container in order to allow drag&drop pages from the EPiServer tree structure.

The module comes with a Deployment Center installation file (no login required) and the source code is available, both for browsing and check out (requires login).

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Aug 30, 2010

( 9/21/2010 10:33:34 AM)

Nice. I like. :)

Lars Bodahl
( By Lars Bodahl, 9/21/2010 10:33:34 AM)

This is a request we get a lot of times. I like the way you (Mari?) implement it :)

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