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Gadget Multi. Move and delete multiple pages.

This gadget will make it easier for users to move and delete multiple pages. It could be handy during structure change of a site.


Here is a video on how it works ( created by QuickTimeX on OSX :) .



TODO: Change ACL for multiple pages and change meta data for multiple pages.

Download the source and installer :



Nov 30, 2009
( By, 12/1/2010 5:45:54 AM)

Seems great. Have been trying to install the Gadget using deployment center for CMS6 but it is not showing up. I note that after deployment center has completed there is no additional reference made to the web.config.

Attempts to enter it manually under have not been successful.
Could you provide the exact web.config lines that should go there, based on what is not be applied by deployment center from the web.config.xmlupdate file below:

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