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Payment providers with abstraction apis (10.5.0 – 2017)

Episerver Commerce released payment providers packages in 10.5.0 (include PayPal, DIBS, DataCash). Those packages are available for downloading and installation document are under Commerce Payment providers sample section.

This is the main changes in this packages:

Payment providers use abstraction apis

The payment gateway now use abstraction apis - that support both Legacy carts and Serializable carts.

Payment migration

Pretify payment providers sample code and testable

The payment gateway has over 1200 lines of code before, now it was separted to smaller class for better readable and testable.

Pretify payment code

Payment providers are testable

Most of function in payment project are testable now. Adding test project to payment solution to see how it worked.

Payment are testable


Those payment provider packages use MVC from now on. With MVC, the steps to deploy a payment provider to website much easier than before.

Payment MVC báe

Images for payment page type

Payment page type logo

DIBS: new responsive payment UI

DIBS API provide a new layout for responsive payment page.

And in our DIBS payment project, we're using simplest way

requestPaymentData.Add("decorator", "responsive");

That tells DIBS that we use responsive page.

DIBS responsive layout

DataCash: redirection to payment page instead iframe on site

DataCash redirection

PayPal: support tax changed, order total changed after changing address on PayPal

support review address changed

Apr 15, 2017

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