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Stefan Forsberg
Nov 8, 2010
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Testing EPiServer code

One thing I’m known to talk (read: nag) about with my colleagues is (unit) testing and more specifically how it isn’t hard to do.

For instance, take an example from Daniel Berg that’s used to add the very nice to have functionality of fallback language for the xml language files available at his blog here.

If you were to venture a guess, how much would the code change and how much code would be added to write some relevant tests? 

Nov 08, 2010


Niklas Melinder
Niklas Melinder Nov 9, 2010 12:37 PM

To start with you would probably want to break the dependency to both HttpContext and PageLanguageSetting. To do so, you would have to write some code to wrap the PageLanguageSetting class in something more abstract. Then have the working class have it´s dependencies on the PageLanguageSetting wrapper class and HttpContextBase instead.

With that done you should be able to start testing.

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