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A restore page plugin

Hi everyone!

I recently created a plugin that borrows it's functionality from the Windows wastebasket. In Windows you can restore a file you have deleted, i.e. moved to the wastebasket. I wanted to replicate this behavior for EPiServer CMS. And with further ado:

Retore Page Plugin

Like I said it will give you the possibility to restore the page back to its previous owner (parent). So let's say that you deleted a page and now you want it back in the site tree, but you can't remember under which root is was located.Page restore to the rescue!


Now you can right click the page and select "Restore", it wil then bring you to a confirmation page where you can see where in the site tree it will be relocated before actually doing anything. And that's about it!

This is in no way tested or tried thoroughly. I was hoping you guys could be my lab monkies and test it out ;).

But if you do find anything strange, report it to me and I'll see if I can be bothered to do anything about it.



The package has been updated as I forgot to include the part of the code that was responsible for setting up the menu button, but also the part which added and deleted restore points when you moved pages. Sorry for that ;)

Aug 03, 2011

Joshua Folkerts
( By Joshua Folkerts, 8/11/2011 4:54:19 PM)

Very nice. Works like a charm. Nice work Tobias

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