Published on:Dec 10, 2021
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EpiCloud 1.0.0 released!

This week we have released an update to the PowerShell module used to perform deployments through the deployment API, it's available through the PowerShell Gallery.

No changes in this module should be breaking, but we have improved a couple of things:

  • The module is now officially cross-platform compatible
    Are you using Linux to run your builds? No problem!

  • Clearer error message when uploading a code package with the same name twice
    Overwriting an existing code package is not supported (for CMS 12/Commerce 14 and above) and the deployment API will throw an error when this is attempted. That error message has now been improved so it's clearer.

  • The module no longer requires Az.Storage or Azure.Storage PowerShell modules to run
    The module is now completely standalone, making it easier to use on the various build runners that are available in Azure DevOps etc.

Our hope is that this will make deploying changes to DXP even simpler than before!

Dec 10, 2021

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