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[Authorize.Net payment gateway] Enable the Transaction Details API setting requirement

In the next EPiServer Commerce release (10.4.0), we've done some improvements for the Authorize.Net built-in payment gateway. Now when processing a payment, we send request to the server to get transaction details of the payment. It helps us to know what status of the transaction is, that has never been done before. So that in case the transaction is processed manually on the web page, for example if the transaction was already captured or settled, then we don't need to process it in the gateway. Therefore it requires to enable the Transaction Details API on Authorize.Net accounts, including yours. Please enable it by following these simple steps:

1) Log on to the Merchant Interface at .
2) Select Settings under Account in the main menu on the left.
3) Click the Transaction Details API link in the Security Settings section. The Transaction Details API screen opens.
4) If you have not already enabled the Transaction Details API, enter the answer to your Secret Question, then click Enable Transaction Details API.
5) When you have successfully enabled the Transaction Details API, the Settings page displays.


Mar 07, 2017

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