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The Developer Marketing Team of Optimizely
Jul 28, 2022
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Let's Talk Upgrading to CMS 12 and Optimizely's New B2B Releases

It's a summer for learning! If you have been enjoying this year's Developer Meet-ups in major cities all over the globe, then you don't wat to miss this month's NA Happy Hour. If you had to miss these amazing developer meet-ups, don't sweat it! You can join us tomorrow for this month's NA Happy Hour, held every month from 3:30pm EST to 5:00pm EST. Click here for the monthly invitation. This month's speakers are some of Optimizely's top developers. See how Optimziely is solving problems for customers through our B2B Commerce product as well as our new CMS 12 upgrade on the .NET framework. Meet us this Friday July 29, 2022 for a truly happy hour in North America. Invite everyone!

So what will we be discussing at NA Happy Hour tomorow? Glad you asked :-). If you've ever tried to upgrade from Optimizley's CMS 11 to CMS 12, then I am sure you have come across some common pitfalls that drive you nuts! Don't worry, you're not alone. Join us tomorrow 7/29/22 at 3:30pm EST for happy hour with the greatest technical community around. Here you will have an opportunity to hear from two experts, Drew Null and Lee Anderson. Grab a beverage as Drew walks us through tips and tricks on upgrading to CMS 12. Don't miss Drew's best advice on properly utilizing the upgrade assist extension, HTTP Client, and other details. Come and learn more about our coming soon releases for Optimizely's B2B products as Lee Anderson will be sharing some of the new offerings coming for Mobile App, B2B C# API SDK, and Content Cloud integration. You'll learn how we plan to release this new capabilities and how developers can utilize and contribute to them. 

For more information on Optimizely's products, visit us here. To check out our recent B2B Week, visit us here. Want to learn more about how to join our technical community and upcoming events, visit us at Let's keep in touch as you join us for our monthly NA Happy Hours and bimonthly EMEA Happy Hours. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Jul 28, 2022


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