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Aug 17, 2018
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Evaluating Episerver

Are you new to Episerver like me and looking to evaluate what the platform has to offer?

Well then you have come to the right place!


The  community recently passed the 40,000 members mark and we all had to get our start somewhere learning the platform.  In my pursuit of knowing all things Episerver, I wanted to take a moment and help mark that path for others. 


One of the initial draws for me to join this community was how easy it was get started.

It turns out many others have blazed this trail ahead of me, and so this first blog of mine within the community is looking to be fairly easy to complete.

1. Get a technical Overview of Episerver.  

Starting here, you can get familiar with the main capabilities of Episerver, its functional areas and underlying architecture.


Guides & Reports

On Demand Product Webinars

Episerver FAQs:



2. Get your hands on Episerver. 

I have found no better way to learn than to get hands-on experience as fast as you can.

Episerver has always made the platform available to evaluation by developers. 

Even before I had joined the Episerver Community I had heard for years how easy the platform is to use.

Until you have seen it first hand for yourself, it is hard to imagine just how easy it is to get started with Episerver.

This platform is truly remarkable when it comes to delighting Developers and making Content Editors lives easier.  Start here to see for yourself by installing Episerver CMS in under 10 minutes.

Just play the video on the right, and follow along until you have successfully installed Episerver:

3. While you do not need a license to get started evaluating the platform

      You can request a temporary license in order to publish your work as a website/app to others on your team:


4. Episerver provides you with a reference website called Alloy to get started with.

This includes an ASP.NET MVC driven website leveraging Episerver personalization capabilities and Episerver Find (Search).   Alloy is a great place to start for both Developers and Content Editors alike.

At this point, Episerver's Webhelp is good place to go in order to further your learning on the basics of content management with Epi:

WebHelp - Where to Begin:


5. Now that you have deployed a local Episerver project and website you can begin developing on, take the next step and try deploying Episerver on Microsoft Azure. It is just as easy.

Video Tutorial- Installing Episerver in Azure Web Apps

6. Leveraging Episerver's free training & other resources

While Episerver offers a comprehensive learning and training portal.  When you are just getting started and especially as a developer it is important to leverage the resources available for free first:

Learning Path for those new to Episerver:


End-user Videos & Demos

Developer Videos:


Episerver Find Developer Guide:

Episerver Commerce Developer Guide

Introduction to Episerver Service API Developer Guide:


7. Begin Leveraging the Episerver Community to further your learning

Join the Episerver Community on Slack

Get connected to the best and brightest in our community and the blogs they are writing:



*Note to others who find this blog post:  What am I missing?  Do you know of other great Episerver resources out there? Have you provided your own recently?

Comment here and help build the list for others!

Aug 17, 2018


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