Published on:Nov 17, 2021
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Improve user experience with ContentArea and ContentReference

In EPiServer.CMS.UI 12.1.0, several user experience improvements were made.

Easily navigate to the selected item in ContentReference properties

The Edit/View command is added to the selected item, so now users can easily go to that item. If the selected item is a block, it also has the Quick Edit command.

The Edit/View command is available even if the ContentReference property is readonly

Display restriction information for ContentReference and ContentArea

You can see which content types you are allowed or disallowed to add to the current ContentArea or ContentReference, the same way ContentReferenceList has.

The old message is removed when there is no restriction.
"You can add these content types

Change button text from ... to Select [Type]

The button text now explicitly indicates which content type you can select.


Widen the input field for ContentReference properties

ContentReference input field becomes wider. Currently it only applies for main content area. In dialogs, it still keeps the old length.


Nov 17, 2021

Scott Reed
( By Scott Reed, 11/18/2021 8:09:17 AM)

Looks good, the only thing is some big sites I've worked on have nearly 100 content types, so if the "Exceptions" list is everything it's going to get VERY messy

Linh Nguyen
( By Linh Nguyen, 11/18/2021 7:29:49 PM)

Hi Scott!
Thanks for your feedback. I think it's a good point and I think we can introduce a setting option to make customers be able to turn the restriction info on or off.

Scott Reed
( By Scott Reed, 11/18/2021 7:31:17 PM)

Yes or maybe you can show the first x number and click to expand or show in an overlay or something to see the full list.

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