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Patrick Lam
Dec 21, 2023
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Reflecting on 2023

Hey there, Optimizely Community!

As we bid goodbye to this year and stand on the brink of new beginnings, it's time to extend a hearty Season's Greetings to our vibrant community. We've grown together, learned together, and made significant strides in our shared journey which deserves nothing less than a grand celebration.

Holiday Cards 2023-03.png

Throughout the year, the unity and collective wisdom of our community has been unmistakably apparent as we have supported one another and flourished as a whole. Specifically, we have been blessed with the phenomenal contributions of our Optimizely Most Valuable Professionals (OMVPs), whose relentless efforts have added so much value to the Optimizely community. Each one of them has been an integral cog in our well-oiled machine, displaying exceptional passion for their craft and commitment to this community.


Our group consists of 87 distinguished OMVPs, who collectively have generated a wealth of knowledge and updates through their work. In 2023, they've produced more than 240 well-thought-out blog posts filled with insightful lessons and up-to-date information. Additionally, they have generated an impressive total of more than 460 posts exclusively about Optimizely on the professional networking site - LinkedIn.

Their insightful blog posts, informative webinars, and productive forum discussions have all served as stepping stones towards creating a more inclusive and insightful Optimizely environment. So here’s a big shout out to all OMVPs; your work is not just appreciated but celebrated!

One major highlight that drew us closer as a community were the Developer Meetups. With at least 12 from around the world that we're aware of, they have significantly contributed by planning and delivering presentations to our local communities. Nothing compares to the energy at these gatherings where we brainstorm ideas, share knowledge and experiences while also forming lasting bonds with like-minded folks from around the globe.

Looking back at the year gone by fills us with immense gratitude for each one of you who has contributed in their own special way to make Optimizely community stronger and brighter.

As we usher in another exciting year of opportunities and growth, let's carry forward this spirit of collaboration into 2024 and beyond! Here’s wishing everyone Season’s Greetings filled with joy, warmth and unlimited possibilities! Stay Optimized!

Holiday Cards 2023-07.png

Until next time,
Optimizely Team

Dec 21, 2023


KennyG Dec 26, 2023 10:56 PM

Happy Holidays Patrick!

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