Jan 26, 2015
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CheckboxList using Enum

I recently implemented a checkboxlist using Enum
  • http://joelabrahamsson.com/enum-properties-with-episerver/
  • http://world.episerver.com/blogs/Linus-Ekstrom/Dates/2013/12/SingleMultiple-selection-in-EPiServer-75/

My Code

public class EnumMultipleSelectionFactory<TEnum> : ISelectionFactory
    public IEnumerable<ISelectItem> GetSelections(
            ExtendedMetadata metadata)
        var values = Enum.GetValues(typeof(TEnum));
        List<ISelectItem> items = new List<ISelectItem>();
        foreach (var value in values)
            items.Add(new SelectItem { Text = GetValueName(value), Value = value.ToString() });
                return items;

    private string GetValueName(object value)
        var staticName = Enum.GetName(typeof(TEnum), value);

        string localizationPath = string.Format(

        string localizedName;
        if (LocalizationService.Current.TryGetString(
            out localizedName))
            return localizedName;

        return staticName;

public class EventItemPage : SitePageData
    public enum EventCategoryValues

        GroupName = SystemTabNames.Content,
        Order = 1030)]
    [SelectMany(SelectionFactoryType = typeof(EnumMultipleSelectionFactory<EventCategoryValues>))]
    public virtual string EventCategories { get; set; }


Jan 26, 2015


Matthew Hutton
Matthew Hutton Aug 25, 2015 10:55 AM

I've tried implementing this myself, and I've got it to write data to the database, but not to read data back out of the database.

See this post on StackOverflow for more details of what I did, but do you have any other ideas?

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