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Episerver South Summer Meetup

Come join us @ Redweb on Wed 18th July next week (moved due to football) down in sunny Bournemouth for a nice evening of chatting about Episerver with some guest talks from us and some local Episerver experts.

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We'll be starting at 18:30 and as people arrive you'll have 20 minutes to get some beers and meet fellow Episerver enthusiasts. Also I'll be asking for any lightning talks that people want to cover, no pressure to come up with them upfront but on the day if there's anything you want to speak about, feel free.

We'll then be kicking off with a set of talks with possibly more to follow, if anyone would like to talk feel free to contact me at [masked].

First Talk

Scott Reed (Redweb) - An Introduction to the Episerver Commerce Platform, Ups & Downs

I'll be covering a whirlwind talk of the UI, features and benefits of using the Commerce platform as well as handle tips and trickys and gotchas to be aware of.

Gary Hodge (Appius) - Episerver As A Portal, moving beyond websites

Gary will be talking about using Episerver as more than just a website authoring platform but about expanding it out as a platform hub.

James Melville (Redweb) - Extending Episerver with custom content using the Asset Pane

James will be talking about one of our projects which was to extend Episerver's standard IContent features using the Asset pane and enabling standard features such as searching, routing and rich content editing for custom content.

Following this we will have 10-15 minutes for lightning talks registered at the start.

Jul 09, 2018

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