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EPiServer Find index configuration

To configure the EPiServer Find provider for Commerce, you will first need to create an index at Once your index is created, go to the details page for the index, and make a note of the values for "serviceUrl" and "defaultIndex" from the sample web.config.

EPiServer Commerce configuration

To configure the EPiServer Find provider for Commerce, edit the Mediachase.Search.config file for your implementation.

  1. Set the defaultProvider attribute in the SearchProviders element to FindSearchProvider.
  2. Ensure the following element exists in the Providers section, and update the serviceUrl and defaultIndex values to match the values from the index details page at
    <add name="FindSearchProvider"
        type="EPiServer.Commerce.FindSearchProvider.FindSearchProvider, EPiServer.Commerce.FindSearchProvider"
        serviceUrl="(set the serviceUrl here)"
        defaultIndex="(set the defaultIndex here)"/>
  3. Change the element in the indexers section to use appropriate index builder for the find service:
    <Indexers basePath="(the preexisting path)">
        <add name="catalog" type="EPiServer.Commerce.FindSearchProvider.FindSearchIndexBuilder, EPiServer.Commerce.FindSearchProvider" />
  4. Rebuild your search index from the Commerce Manager search interface.


The Find search provider for Commerce only matches the basic query string against fields of type integer or string. While catalog metafields of type float, double, or decimal may be marked as "Include in Default Search" in the metafield configuration interface, these fields will not be matched against the basic query string.

All other querying (filters, queries, or faceting against specific fields) functionality will work on metafields of type float, double, or decimal.

If matching against these type of data is desired from the basic query string, we recommend storing the data in a string-typed metafield, and marking that field as "Include in Default Search."

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Last updated: Oct 21, 2014

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