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Managing licenses

Visit the Episerver License Center to download a license.

In the Episerver 7 platform, all licenses are stored in a shared file, by default called License.config. All Episerver products are available from the same license file. A license in Episerver 7 specifies the number of sites (IIS instances), as well as the servers supported. This means that in most cases you will only need to use one single license file to support a complete setup of Episerver products. All functionality is included in the license.

To install a license, just add a the License.config file to  the site root where it will be picked up by all products. If the installation is not sharing files between servers, you may also need to add the license file on each server.

There is a configuration setting in Episerver Framework if you want to store just the license file at a shared location. This configuration setting is documented in the Episerver Framework SDK. In the Episerver CMS administrative user interface under License Information, there is a display view showing the current licenses in use per server and product.