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Convert Page Type for Pages

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EPiServer CMS 6.0 / R2

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The "Convert Pages" function makes it possible to convert existing pages from one page type to another. During this operation the user selects how properties should be mapped from the existing page type to the new page type. 

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The "Convert Pages" function is found in Admin mode under "Convert Pages" on the "Page Type" tab. It is possible to convert a single page or all pages (of specified page type) below a given page. After selecting the scope, you select which page type you want to convert from and to. Below the page type selection there is a property map table where properties from the page type to convert from and to are listed. Select which property on the new page type to map to for each property in the table.

Language Handling

If a property is language-specific on the page type to convert from but is not language-specific on the page type to convert to, then the property value for the master language will be set on the converted page.

If a property is not language-specific on the page type to convert from but is language specific on the page type to convert to, then the property value will be set for each language version of the converted page.

Test Conversion

It is possible to do a test conversion before doing the actual conversion. This can be useful to get information e.g. how many pages that will be affected.


The page conversion is an irreversible process which means content in the database can be removed permanently. It is recommended that a test conversion is run before the actual conversion to see that no undesirable action will take place. It is also advisable to do a database backup before performing the conversation giving you the option of returning to the unconverted state.


If a page that is part of a mirroring channel is converted, property changes will still be mirrored for properties that do not have a changed name. The page type for pages at the destination will not change due to the conversion. In order for the page type conversion to be done at a destination you either have to manually perform an identical covert operation for the mirrored pages on the destination or reset the channel and remove the affected pages from the destination.