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This document describes breaking changes for EPiServer 7.5 Framework in relation to previous versions, and steps needed to update affected code.

Framework-specific changes

API changes

  • Class EPiServer.Shell.Services.Rest.ItemRange, properties Start, End and Total changed type to int? from int. The property IsDefined has been removed.
  • Class EPiServer.Shell.Web.PlugInArea. The plug-in area declarations have been changed from static readonly string to const string to allow usage from attributes and to conform with declarations in EPiServer.Cms.Shell.PlugInArea. This requires that any code referencing these declarations are recompiled since the value of a const declaration is compiled into the referencing code instead of referenced.
  • Class EPiServer.Framework.Initialization.SiteMappingConfiguration (and related config based classes that handle sites) have been obsoleted. Sites are no longer defined in config files. Instead EPiServer.Web.ISiteDefinitionRepository (or the concrete implementation EPiServer.Web.SiteDefinitionRepository in case you work with CMS) can be used to work with sites.
  • Interface EPiServer.Events.ServiceModel.IEventReplication has got a simplified signature. Classes implementing this interface, EPiServer.Events.Proxies.EventReplicationProxy, has also been changed accordingly. As external implementations of this interface should be rare the decision was made to modify the interface rather than adding a new one so that not all configuration settings referencing this interface would have to change.
  • Attribute EPiServer.Shell.ViewComposition.ComponentAttribute is no longer inherited.


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Last updated: Apr 01, 2014

Recommended reading