Ability to turn on/off decompounding in Find

Fixed in

EPiServer.Find 12.3.0


Sep 20, 2016


May 26, 2017


Closed, Acceptance tests pass


The default query setting is to not decompound the query string. To enable decompounding, use this syntax:

.For("query", x => x.Analyzer = Language.Swedish.Analyzer)

This change only affects Swedish and Norwegian.
Here's how it works. If a user submits a search term fotbollsmatch, the query only matches fotbollsmatch/er/en/… and not (as it did previously) ‘fotboll/ar/en/..’ and match/er/en/….
On the other hand, if a user submits the search term fotboll, the search matches fotboll/ar/en… ,fotbollsmatch/er/en/…, and fotbollsplan/er/en.