KPI to determine average order value

Fixed in

EPiServer.Marketing.Testing 2.0.0


Aug 19, 2016


Oct 23, 2020


Closed, Acceptance tests pass


KPI to determine the total average order for users after they are included in an A/B test.

Behavior of this new conversion type are as follows:
1. The average order KPI counts a conversion when a given cart is fully processed as a purchase.
2. The average order KPI purchase value is the value of the cart items excluding taxes or shipping costs.
3. The average order KPI allows for multiple conversions for a single view. Since we count cart purchases as a conversion, a single user can potentially trigger a view (which counts once) but make multiple purchases - each purchase counts as an order and is tallied separately.
4. The average order KPI will be displayed in the details, pick a winner and archive views as an average of all purchases and as a dollar amount without the typical pie chart.