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Version number: 5.1.422.267                   Release Date: August 26, 2008

Episerver CMS 5 R1 SP3 is a service pack installment mainly containing bug fixes for Episerver CMS 5. 

Please refer to the bug list for further information on the bugs that have been fixed in SP3. (Partner access required.)

Episerver CMS Manager is required to install Episerver CMS 5 SP3.

Episerver CMS 5 SP3 does not support IIS7. Official support for IIS7 will be available in Episerver CMS 5 R2.

Episerver CMS Manager will be automatically installed if the server is connected to the internet. An offline installation is also available if the server is not connected to the internet.

Intended Usage

This is the standard production server installation of Episerver CMS 5 using the ClickOnce Episerver CMS Manager. Using the Manager will enable you to install and configure Episerver CMS 5 sites on a Microsoft IIS host.

» System requirements for this installation

Generate Developer License

A developer license is required for the installation. This can be generated from