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Version: Episerver Find 1 R2                                                       Release date: Jun 15, 2012

File version:

About Episerver Find

Episerver Find is a fully-featured query platform tightly integrated with Episerver CMS. It can be used by developers to index any kind of structured or unstructured data and query against it, to build site search or advanced, faceted navigation on large sites. Episerver Find is offered as a service, refer to Episerver Find for more information on how to create an account and register an index.

Download and installation

This download contains the client .NET API part of Episerver Find 1 R2. Download and unzip the assembley files. Reference them in your web project and add the required configuration sections as described in the Episerver Find developer documentation (version 7, configuration applies also to 1 R2).

Creating and Account

Go to the Episerver Find site to create an account and a developer index.

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