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This hotfix corrects the following problems:

  • Issue #45289 - Globalization always redirects to start page even when the actual templates/web form does not match.
  • Issue #35530 - Page Folder ID can get the same values for several pages.
  • Issue #45233 - Loading plug-ins take an excessive amount of time.
  • Issue #45038 - URL Segment is not changed when copying pages.
  • Issue #45214 - You cannot compare languages in preview when the selected version is not published.
  • Issue #45308 - PageSearch cannot handle if the same word is used on several languages of the same page.
  • Issue #45306 - Multi-language subscription e-mails always sent for original language.
  • Issue #45302 - Subscription e-mails are sent even to all languages when a new language is added on a page.
  • Issue #45275 - Language (selected from link editor) is ignored for links when using Friendly URL.
  • Issue #45274 - Using bookmark link in Edit mode's View tab crashes the page.
  • Issue #45335 - Simple address always returns the same language.
  • Issue #45277 - If the session is abandoned with a maximized Web Part, any attempts to reopen the page will fail with exception.  
  • Issue #45298 - Information shown in Edit mode comes from another page.
  • Issue #45287 - Compare two versions shows published version in both windows.
  • Issue #45345 - Type PageReference is dependent on class PropertyPageReference.
  • Issue #45319 - Error when setting "Link to page on another Web site" under "Shortcut/External Link".
  • Issue #45369 - When creating a new page, a custom plug-in tab might be displayed as the only tab rather than the Edit tab.

Installation Instructions

Note We recommend that you back up existing files and database before proceeding with the installation.

  1. Install the following contained .dll files to the Global Assembly Cache (GAC), for example by dragging and dropping the files to the folder c:\windows\assembly.
    • EPiServer.dll
    • EPiServer.Enterprise.dll
  2. Move the contained .dll file(s) to ~\bin\ under your site.
  3. Change version of the redirects for the following .dll files in web.config on your site (<bindingRedirect newVersion="X"/>).
    • EPiServer -
    • EPiServer.Enterprise.dll -
    • EPiServer.WebParts.dll -  (only for .NET 2.0 sites using Web Parts)
  4. Run the contained SQL script EPiServer_4_60_db_hotfix1.sql on your database.
  5. Restart the Web server with the command iisreset.exe.