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Release Date: 2009-02-20

Episerver Common Hot fix Installation Instructions

This Hotfix is required for Episerver Mail version 4.4, Episerver Community 3.2 and Relate+ version 1.1

Installation instructions:

This hotfix requires EPiServer.Common.Web.Authorization.dll version 2.3.350.19 to be in place in the sites bin folder before installing. Please verify that before proceeding.

  1. Copy the updated EPiServer.Common.Web.Authorization.dll assembly into the "bin" folder of the Web site. If EPiServer CMS R1 SP2 or later is installed, the assembly EPiServer.Common.Web.Authorization.Multiplexing.dll can also be copied.
  2. If you want to use the new Integration Multiplexing provider, you should replace the existing Multiplexing provider.

    The replacement in the membership provider section in web.config could look like this:

    <add name="MultiplexingMembershipProvider" type="EPiServer.Common.Web.Authorization.Multiplexing.IntegrationMultiplexingMembershipProvider, EPiServer.Common.Web.Authorization.Multiplexing" provider1="SqlServerMembershipProvider" provider2="WindowsMembershipProvider" roleToSynchronize1="*" />

  3. In short: replace the 'type' attribute on the existing element and adding the 'roleToSynchronizeX' attribute to suit your needs.