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Release Date: 2009-08-28

Installation Instructions:

This hotfix requires EPiServer Community version 3.2.517.24 and EPiServer Common 2.3.517.36 to be in place before installing, please verify that before proceeding.

  1. Run the SQL script "upgrade.sql" in the database used by the site that is being updated.
  2. Copy the updated assemblies (*.dll) into the "bin" folder of the web site:
  3. Copy the updated controls (*.ascx):

This hotfix addesses the following bugs:

#26710: Comment constructor fails to save AuthorID
#26879: Non-equality comparison of objects casted to a subclass of AuthorBase causes stack overflow

#27458: Cache for topic list not released
#27657: GetNewsFeedStoriesByTarget should ignore aggregated stories to avoid duplicate entries
#25974: Required attribute 'sites' not found
#26610: Cache for LastTopic not released
#25648: Link to the URL of reported content, rather than just displaying it
#27459: Stories from requested friends should not be included
#27460: Feed stories storted ascending, should be descending order
#27461: GetTargetFeed does not take type into account
#27731: A room that have TraceMove enabled may cause incorrect counter values of the numbers of topics/replies in that room