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Release Date: 2009-08-31

Installation Instructions:

This hotfix requires EPiServer Mail version 4.4.343.20 and EPiServer Common version 2.3.517.36 to be in place before installing, please verify that before proceeding.

Copy the updated assemblies (*.dll) into the "bin" folder of the web site:


This hotfix addesses the following bugs:

#26710: Comment constructor fails to save AuthorID
#26879: Non-equality comparison of objects casted to a subclass of AuthorBase causes stack overflow
#26869, resolve issue where sort order reverts on postback.
#26536: §unsubscribeUrl§ via CMS mailsource is treated as relative url
#26539: Typing §unsubscribeUrl§ directly (not using the attribute pulldowns) in HTML-editor results in missed URL-encoding in unsubscribeUrl