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IMPORTANT! Active Directory Provider should be used with EPiServer CMS 5 SP1.

Compile the Active Directory role provider 

This file contains a Source folder with the following files:

File name



The actual role provider implementation.


Abstract base class for accessing a directory service.


An implementation of DirectoryDataFactory that uses ADSI to access Active Directory.


Data class that abstracts a directory service entry such as a user or a group.


Include all these files in your current solution, for example if you are developing your EPiServer site based on the Public templates package, do the following:

  1. Open the EPiServer.Templates.Public.csproj project file with Microsoft Visual Studio.
  2. If you do not have references to the System.DirectoryServices assembly already set up in your project, you will need to add it.
  3. Create a new folder named “Security” in the project.
  4. Add the four files listed above to the Security folder.
  5. Build the solution.