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Episerver features - November 2016

This release summary includes features added in updates 128 through 137 of the Episerver platform. CMS has released a Beta release of the new Content Approvals functionality. The new Episerver Social platform is released, together with A/B Testing (Beta), including the possibility to set KPIs for desired visitor actions. For Commerce, you can now edit inventory information from the Catalog user interface.  

Note: Updates are cumulative, so the latest update includes previous ones.

What is new for..?



Episerver CMS


Content approvals (Beta)

This is the first Beta release of the Content Approvals feature, which is a way to make sure that content is reviewed and approved before it is published. When an editor has finished working on a content item, the item is set to Ready for Review. One or more appointed reviewers must then approve the content item before it can be published. The reviewers are defined by an administrator in an approval sequence:

See the documentation in the the Episerver User Guide for details.

A/B testing of website content (Beta)
The Episerver A/B Testing feature lets you compare two versions of a page or a block to decide which one is the most succesful in terms of conversions. See A/B Testing in the Episerver user guide.


Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Records when a website visitor performs a desired action. Can be used with Episerver A/B Testing or any other package that relies on creating instance-based goal objects. See Key performance indicators (KPIs).

Release of CMS Core/CMS UI 10

CMS 10 was released with a set of API changes. These changes include improvements to events, property handling, and some existing methods, see Breaking changes for more details.

Support for International Resource Identifiers, IRI
Adds support for enabling unicode characters in the URL segments to content. See Internationalized Resource Identifiers (IRIs) in the Episerver CMS Developer Guide for details.

Plug-in areas
As a part of the content approvals story, Episerver has also added plug-in areas at common extension points to make it easy for developers to extend the Episerver user interface. See Plug-in areas in the Episerver Developer Guide for details.

Extend Episerver ASP.Net Identity implementations
It is now possible to replace parts of the ASP.NET OWIN pipeline used by Episerver. See Episerver CMS UI AspNetIdentity OWIN authentication in the Episerver CMS Developer Guide for details.

Episerver Commerce


Campaigns and discounts in new Marketing system

Completed set of predefined discounts now available in the new Marketing view. For a description of out-of-the-box discounts and how to apply them to campaigns, see Built-in discounts in the Episerver user guide.

Editing of inventory information from Catalog view

You can now edit inventory fields directly from the Catalog view, instead of having to switch to Commerce Manager to do this. See Catalog entry properties in the Episerver user guide.


Release of Commerce 10

This major version includes only smaller changes to support CMS 10, see Breaking changes for details.

Quicksilver using new promotions (discounts)

The Episerver Commerce sample site/reference architecture has been updated to use the new promotion system, together with support for CMS 10 and Commerce 10. See Quicksilver on Github.

Episerver Social


First release of the Episerver Social API.  This is a collection of extensible services for defining and collecting community generated content. Episerver Social includes APIs for building functionality for Comments, Ratings, Groups, Moderation, and Activity Streams. See the Episerver Social Developer Guide.

Episerver Add-ons


  • Episerver Forms - updated functionality includes:
    • [Forms 4.0]: Support for validation of multiple elements at once, see Breaking changes.
    • [Forms 3.1]: Easier to create custome dataExporter using a plugin-approach by populating the appropriate exporter based on mimeType each exporter provides, see Breaking changes.
  • Episerver Marketing Automation connector for Marketo
    • Support for email templates, ability to pass block content, see Marketo Connector API methods.
    • New methods to update, retrieve and remove profiles in Marketo.
  • CMS 10-compatible Episerver add-ons:
    • Google Analytics for Episerver (including Commerce 10)
    • Episerver Forms
    • Episerver Social Reach
    • Episerver Languages
    • Episerver Optimizely
    • Spellchecker for TinyMCE
    • Self-Optimizing Block
    • Live Monitor (including Commerce 10)

Third-party add-ons

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Last updated: Nov 01, 2016