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Upgraded TinyMCE editor

In CMS 11, we have upgraded the TinyMCE editor to a newer version. It has a new, more modern look, and also gives you a few extra benefits (as well as some catches you should be aware of).


Note: As many things in Episerver, the new TinyMCE is configurable so the look-and-feel and functionality of the editor might differ between the standard functionality we describe and what's been implemented on your site.

Reasons to upgrade

You can now see where an image is stored just by selecting it in edit view and hover over the new Go to media button. You can also click the button to open the image, instead of having to browse to it in the assets pane.


And perhaps even better, there is no longer any need to first upload an image before you can add it to a page; you can drag and drop images directly from your computer to the page (or block)! The image is automatically stored with its original file name in the For This Page (or For This Block) folder.

The new TinyMCE editor is also more stable than the earlier versions and supports all latest web browsers.

Things to consider

Before taking the plunge to upgrade, please keep in mind that the new TinyMCE editor does not support dynamic properties, and certain functionality, such as copy and paste from Microsoft Word, is now a premium feature which you will have to get a special license for. (From TinyMCE; it has nothing to do with Episerver.)

Also, it is no longer possible to configure the TinyMCE editor from the admin view. All configuration is done by a developer or Episerver partner through code.

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Last updated: Nov 07, 2018