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Fetch data or mandatory fields - which do you choose?


I'm new to EPiServer CMS and currently in the process of specifying how we'd like to have EPiServer set up for our intranet. From what I've read it looks like we need to choose between whether we want to use the 'fetch data' feature with all of our page types or set some additional mandatory fields.

Of course, we want both the option to use 'fetch data' with any page type and we want to be able to specify some mandatory fields (over the generic ones that are required for all page types).  Especially, after the helpful article Simple Modifications to the Editor Interface can Help Editors Daily Work also mentions using mandatory fields as an option for helping editors.

  • Do we have to choose between fetch data or mandatory fields?  
  • Is it possible for EPiServer CMS to recognise when fetch data has been selected and differentiate between the mandatory fields set by the administrators and those that are generic, and then ignore those set by the administrators as not required in that instance?
  • If it's not possible to have both, how do you decide when to choose fetch data or mandatory fields for each of your page types?
Mar 11, 2011 12:11

Hi Karen

  1. No, you can use both
  2. Not out of the box, but I pretty sure (read: not tested) that with some programming you can check this and bypass the mandatory fields.
  3. If the same field has a value in both the mandatory field and in the mandatory field of the page you're fetching the data from, the one from the page you're on is used.

Hope this helps.


Mar 11, 2011 13:46

Thanks for your answer Frederik.  It would be useful to know if anyone has made this work with some programming.  If there is a solution, and we can have both, then I'll be very happy.


Mar 11, 2011 14:02

I quess you could attach yourself to the DataForm Populate event and remove the isRequierd and then int theSavingPage event do some logic and check if you fetch data from another page and if all your mandory fields are set

Mar 16, 2011 23:03
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