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Install EPiServer.CMO without Deployment centre


I have just downloaded the EPiServer.CMO package version 7.5.446.2 from nuget.

It has dependencies on EPiServer.CMS.Core and EPiServer.Framework version >= 7.5.1000.0 so it upgraded my existing 7.5.394.2 references.

When I first ran after this installation I hit an issue with a dependency on EPiServer.CMS.UI 7.5.446.0 So I upgraded to the required version of this also.

Now I am hitting an issue with "Connection string 'CmoEntities' is not found".

All the posts I can find talk about using Deployment Centre to install EPiServer.CMO but I thought the idea with EPiServer >= 7.5 was that it no longer relied on an installation of EPiServer on the machine and instead uses nuget package references ?

Sure enough the connectionString wasn't added to the connectionstrings.config with the nuget installation. nor can I find any database scripts to create the CMO database ?

Is it possible to install CMO without the Deployment Centre ? 

If it is, can someone please advise where I can get the database scripts and connectionString settings ?

Aug 21, 2014 11:05

Saidly no good way that I have found.

The installation of CMO is in this file:
C:\Program Files (x86)\EPiServer\CMS\7.5.394.2\Install\Modules\CMO7.5.394.2

In there you find the sql for creating the database and so on, but there are a lot of things to be thinking of when doing so that I always install it from Deployment Center on my dev computer and then when deploying to test and production I manually copy the database, service-files and so on.

Aug 22, 2014 8:18

Thanks Henrik,

I installed CMO locally on my Dev machine using Deployment Centre.

Along with creating the CMO database separately and updating the configuration files etc... it dumps some assemblies into the bin folder of the Site and also CMO and LiveMonitor assemblies into the AppData\Modules folder.


    |- Modules

        |- ...

        |- LiveMonitor

            |- ...

        |- CMO

            |- ...


|- bin

    |- ...

    |- EPiServer.CMO... (handful of CMO assemblies)

|- CmoWebServices

    |- GenericKpiService.svc

I included the CmoWebServices/GenericKpiService.svc in the project.

Doing a clean and rebuild resulted as expected a failure since the assemblies dumped in the bin folder, so I decided to try and install the CMO assemblies then from Nuget.

Now the handful or CMO assemblies are being referenced from the nuget packages folder instead.

This appears to have worked.

For deployment then all I should have to do is restore the new CMO database and dump the AppData\Modules CMO and LiveMonitor files.

But once done I should not have to worry about manually copying any other code files or assemblies in future deployments.



Edited, Aug 26, 2014 16:32

Glad that it works! Please mark my response as an answer if you think it helped you.

Aug 26, 2014 20:07
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