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Missing For All Sites Folder


I am upgrading a site for episerver 6 to 7.5 and struggling to get the global assets folder(For All Sites) to show up in the file manager.  I see SysSiteAssets that don't contain any media items and can't do anything with it.  Is there a way to get "For All Sites" folder back.

Aug 12, 2014 3:57

You could start by going to admin mode and select "Set Access Rights" (this will show you the content tree), there you should be able to see the node GlobalAssestFolder as a child to Root page (it might show up as SysGlobalAssets if it is not recognized as the common asset folder). If you hover over the node you should be able to see which id the folder have.

After that turn over to Sql Managment Studio and execute store prcedure netContentRootList as

exec netContentRootList

there you will get back what the system consider to be the GlobalAssetFolder.

Also in admin mode under Set Access Rights, ensure that proper rights are set for the folder.

Aug 12, 2014 7:19

I got a list back but it fails to show up in Set Access rights.

see attached

Aug 12, 2014 14:12

Hey Johan, Is there a way to set the default GlobalAssetFolder to show up or change what is currently present based on the link?

Aug 12, 2014 14:43


The way System roots (like root node, wastebasket, globalasset root and content asset root) are identified by the system is by "known" Guids. That is all these items should have known values in column ContentGuid in table tblContent (you can see which the expected Guids are if you look what netContentRootList looks like).

So if you would like to "manually" change the global asset root you would need to set the expected guid value in column ContentGuid for the folder that you wants to be global asset root. In your case I would start to look in tblContent and compare the value for the node named SysBlocksRoot with the expected guid for global asset root in netContentRootList, and if they differ update the guid so it matches (you should also ensure that there is no other content with that guid).

Was the upgrade through Deployment center successful? Reason I ask is that this should have been taken care of by the powershell upgrade script.

Aug 12, 2014 19:41

That makes sense.

This was all done through the Deployment Center which is what shocked me.  Do you think maybe it is becuase we are upgrading all the way through form EPi 6 and something might have happened along the way?.  

Aug 12, 2014 20:52
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