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Mirroring - strange behaviour



I've been having a bit of a problem with mirroring between two sites. I have a node (with Events) which are being mirrored from one site to another (once they are added to the source site). It's scheduled to mirror once every day. It worked alright for awhile but now the scheduled job halts (it doesn't fail it just doesnt mirror). I have to go and reset the channel everytime and mirror the events manually... which seem to work alright. I've tried many different things and I've corrected errors that has appeared. My latest attempt was to create a totally "new" page/node for the events. It was clean on both sites. I reset the channel as well. It seemed to work for a short while but now it's halting again :/ Have a hard time figuring out what's wrong. I just did a channel reset and the events was mirrored OK from A to B. What's a bit strange is that I got this output message:

2014-09-05 08:29:48 OK Mirroring job: 'Evenemang'
Mirroring state: Operation completed
SourceService: Exported 12 pages
TargetService: Imported 2 pages, moved 0 pages, deleted 0 pages including children

There was only two pages in the source node and there was only two pages mirrored of course. Why does it say Exported 12 pages!? Could this be a part of the problem maybe? Any ideas? Thankful for help!

Sep 05, 2014 8:40

When a content is mirrored its corresponding asset folder is included (including everything there, like block, images, folders). The message is not correct it should actually say content not pages.

So that is likeley not a problem.

Sep 05, 2014 8:55

Okey, I was kind of thinking along that line... Thank's for pointing that out though! All very frustrating and hard to trouble shoot. Is there a way to actually do a channel reset everytime when mirroring, by some kind of config-line?

Sep 05, 2014 9:28
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