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Has anyone read The Missing Manual by John D Jones?


Has anyone read this book?

Amazon has another by the same name, but seems to be a different author.

The episerver online documentation is pretty limited.

Nov 20, 2019 22:58
Bob Bolt - Nov 21, 2019 17:48
Johnv, What are you looking for in the Epi documentation but are unable to find?

Hey John,

Regarding the Amazon book, read the Accepted Answer in this post

Regarding Jon's ebook, I've bought it (but haven't read it much yet) because I've referred to a lot of Jon's blog posts in the past and want to support his contribution to the Episerver community. The book is really cheap, although the website says it's 55% complete.

If you are working with Episerver Commerce I can strongly recommend these books by Quan Mai

I don't really agree that there isn't enough Official Documentation but I do agree it can be a lot to consume when you are starting out. Maybe you can try the official Training Courses

Edited, Nov 21, 2019 0:01
Quan Mai - Nov 21, 2019 7:40
Thanks for your recommendations ;)

I advertised my book on pre-sale for a while, I think someone ripped off the name to try and make some easy cache.  I'd avoid the amazon book as it's just a copy of the free documentation here.

My book is a work in progress, I've spent over 100 hours on it so far.  I'm working in sprints so a new update gets pushed every two weeks.  Up to you if you think it's worth the investment.  The thing I would say is that I do update and add bits based on feedback, so far quite a few people have brought it and feedback which is amazing.   I'm really not getting rich from this book, it is a guide to help people out

Darren, thanks for buying a copy.... what a legend!

Dec 05, 2019 19:14
johnv - Dec 05, 2019 20:42
I purchased a copy. I am half way through. The discussion on template strategy is interesting. lots of typos towards the middle. Out of interest, do we get updated copies as you add more? The official docs show how to create a simple page from an empty site, but then stop. I was looking for continuation steps - how to create a block, now to include the block in a page, how to create global headers/footer, how to include data from an external source etc. Hoping this is in the part I havent read yet...
Jon Jones - Dec 05, 2019 22:30
yes, you get access to all the updates, you should be getting emails every two weeks from leanpub that details what's been updated. The current version is 1.10 - 1.11 will be out next Friday. If you downloaded the book a month ago, there will be 2 or 3 more updates since then, so it might be worth re-downloading it.

To answer your questions:

1. Creating blocks should be in the pages and blocks chapter
2. Creating a controller and the html for the block is in the following

I will double-check the middle part through Grammarly again before the next release. I would love more feedback as it just makes the book more valuable to the community. I think there will probably be 4-5 more revisions until it's ready for the final proof-read session
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