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7.11 CMS not working in latest browsers


We are experiencing some problems with browsers and editing the website using Episerver.

Our IT Department has asked have been making changes to our browsers recently, which may have contributed. We reported these issues to them, and they have asked for specific information:
"Your issue seems to involve use of the Episerver CMS. This has browser version restrictions due to bespoke code in OE? We need to understand these so we can present a platform that works for you. Can you find this information for me?
"Firefox on our Citrix platform is different to that on our desktops. It is the extended service release, designed for enterprises using VDI. I can look to update this but fear it may not work with Episerver so knowing the version details is critical."
The main difficulties we know of are:
  • Web editing screen entirely blank / grey
    This has been the situation for Chrome for a long time, maybe 2 years,on all platforms: office network, Citrix, and at home.
    Accessing the Admin section, user list, user/event imports etc. is all possible. But everything below the header (where the website preview should normally be) is grey and empty.
    The last week, we've noticed this happen to Firefox in the office network and when accessing from home. It seems to be happening on later Firefox versions, possibly 73.
  • Functionality doesn't work
    In some Firefox versions, for example version 60 in Citrix, we are seeing various functionality not working. This includes sidebars not dragging left & right; dropdown options missing items or having the wrong items; and crucially the "edit" option missing from content blocks.
  • HTML doesn't show
    In Internet Explorer 11 (both 11.3383 in Citrix and 11.657 I've tested at home), when editing a WYSWIYG content block, the HTML window is completely empty.
The biggest concern for us are the developments with Firefox. Since we were unable to use Chrome, Firefox has been our workhorse for website editing. Until browser updates and upgrades by our IT Department last week, Firefox worked well for us in all 3 situations.
These recent developments highlight the dwindling options we have for editing the website.
Are you able to provide information regarding Episerver browser restrictions as in our It Dept's request above?
Feb 27, 2020 9:05

Hi Jonathon,

According to the requirements for CMS 7.5:

Browser for editing

Any of the following is required:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9*
  • Mozilla Firefox 11-14
  • Google Chrome 12-33

For the versions thereafter:

Browser for editing

CMS 11, the latest major release, supports:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11*
  • Mozilla Firefox, latest**
  • Google Chrome, latest**

CMS 10 supports:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11*
  • Mozilla Firefox 22-57
  • Google Chrome 45-62

CMS 9 supports:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11*
  • Mozilla Firefox 14-22
  • Google Chrome 33-45

CMS 8 supports:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11*
  • Mozilla Firefox 11-14
  • Google Chrome 12-33

* For Commerce Manager, see product-specific requirements.

** Due to fast release cycles, we only support the two latest versions for these.

Looks like you'd need to perform quite a substantial upgrade to guarantee support on the latest browsers. I think your IT department may have to install a legacy browser for use with editing.

Mar 03, 2020 9:52
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